About the Project:

The proposed project is the construction of the Al Etihad Gold Refinery at Dubai Multi  Commodities Centre (DMCC) in Dubai, UAE.  Al Etihad Gold proposes to build a facility for refining gold and silver.

The main activities in the Al Etihad Gold Refinery are the refining operation of gold and silver. The method used for the refining operation is Aqua Regia which is an    extraction method.
Conversion of fine gold into large bars, kilo bars, TT bars, 100gram bars and grains with different purities such as 99.5, 99.9 and 99.99 as per clients’ need.

Conversion of fine silver into large bars, kilo bars and     grains with purity of 999.0 as per clients need.

The Al Etihad Gold Refinery is capable of refining 600 kg of scrap gold and 500 kg of silver on a daily basis.

It is also capable of converting up to 2,000 kg gold kilo bars and 1,000 kg silver kilo bars at the same time.