Adnan Saffarini to design Awali Ajman project

Awali Real Estate Investments, a leading regional investment firm, has awarded a Dh65-million contract to Adnan Saffarini Engineering Consultants for the architectural design, supervision and engineering consultancy services of Awali City.

The Ajman-based project comprises 15 residential and commercial towers.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Hussein Hassan Al Nemer, Chairman of Awali Real Estate Investments. Ahmad Saffarini CEO of Adnan Saffarini Engineering Consultants, signed the agreement on his country's behalf.

Ali Al Nemer, Managing Director of Awali Real Estate Investments, said: "We are introducing new architectural icons to the Awali City map and adding to the company's portfolio a host of state-of-the-art towers that reflect Awali's position as a leader in the field. Our luxurious projects offer superior residential and commercial investment opportunities.

"We have chosen Adnan Saffarini Engineering Consultants because we have great confidence in their strong track record and the impressive performance demonstrated by them in the field of architectural design across the country."

Ahmad Saffarini, CEO of Adnan Saffarini Engineering Consultants, said: "The towers will boast luxurious, modern and stylish designs and state-of-the-art technologies to cater to the various needs of clients, residents and investors. These towers will be the first step for excellence and innovation of architectural designs in Awali City."

The 15 towers will have two height levels. There are 11 towers of 32 storeys each, which form the Northern and Southern Gates of the city, and four 25-storey towers forming the City's entrance from Emirates Road.

The Awali mega city was launched in co-operation with the Ajman government's property investment establishment at the beginning of this year, as a debut for the developer. The project is a self contained, state-of-the-art development, spread over an area of 33 million sq ft along the Emirates Road. It includes 136 plots of land designated for residential and commercial use.