CEO Message

In 1968, I was only 6 years old when my late father established EAS in Dubai, that small city on the Arabian Gulf shore. At that time my father had a vision of the future of the Gulf and the ambitions of his people. He was simply a very social man, not creating a business, but offering a vital service which he thought Dubai badly needed. At that time, there were only a few Engineering Design firms in Dubai and EAS was one of them.

My late father’s office was a social meeting place where people met rather than a strict engineering firm. He listened to his customers, socialized with them, understood their needs, and took into consideration their social stance goals and budgets. Hence the Engineering Services offered a touch of the heart; it belonged to the place and the people.

My late father selected his own team of engineers and staff. The criteria on which he based his selection were honesty, qualifications, and character. He always attracted gifted people and gave them the chance to materialize their talent. Every person who worked with his team was a member of the family, and the result was continued success & growth. 

Technological and industrial development was always his priority at workspace.  He was among the leaders, if not the first, to implement the latest technologies. I remember that my late father was the first to introduce the AutoCAD Technology and computers to the industry.

As the CEO of EAS for more than 20 years now, I can’t find a more practical, pleasant, and successful way of practicing engineering, serving society, and fulfilling all customer’s needs than my father’s.

Following and implementing new Technologies and latest developments in the engineering and construction industry is my vision and message which was, is, and will always be our gift of happiness and satisfaction to our highly valued customers.

With Best Regards,
Arch. Ahmed Saffarini, CEO